Starting the Whites… 

After a brief 2 day return to Cooperstown for July 4th, Ben drove me back to Hanover NH to start the final portion of my northern AT hike. Starting around 1 pm, I began hiking alone up Smarts mountain. As planned, I reunited with hiking partners Jan and Chip at the Fire Wardens Cabin on the summit 

Next morning, down Smarts and then up and down shorter Mt Cube. Around 3 pm that afternoon, we reached a road and the map told us to hike right on the road for a bit to find the trail on the other side. We missed the AT trail sign and kept on walking. Eventually, we knew something was wrong but just at that moment, we were right in front of a small local lake. Went for an impromptu swim

Stayed at Hikers Hostel that night. Next day they helped us slack pack our first “real” hike up a NH white Mountain. 

This was Mt. Mooselauke, 4800 ft peak. Biggest, hardest challenge yet. Made even tougher buy having hike in the rain. 

Read above sign 


Next day was an even tougher climb up Kinsman mountain. Also raining. 

Today is a rest day in town to resupply and do laundry. 

Tomorrow is exciting because we are starting the trek along the “Presidentials” which are  the classic white Mountain peaks. Also glad for excellent weather forecast! 

Legs are in great shape so far. Getting stronger. I’m also still loosing weight! Will look like Dr. Edmonds soon. 

Will keep you posted. Thanks for following. 


  1. Rochelle Hyatt · July 12, 2016

    Is there any significance to the stacked rocks on all the mountain tops?


    • Mike Bauer · July 12, 2016

      Sometimes high up on the mountain you are in the clouds. There are no trees so you can’t see the usual white paint blazes that tell you where to go. Go look for these rock piles (cairns) every hundred yards or so to go in the right direction and stay on the trail.


  2. Nancy Herman · July 12, 2016

    postcard arrived, thanks Mike! You are looking very trim and I’m so happy to think of your success. Those White should be great in good weather, step by step. Love your pictures too.


  3. John Rowley · July 12, 2016

    Great update and pictures. Very envious of your great journey. Enjoy the White Mountains.


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