Bob joins the trail… 

After having a lunch at Qu’s Whistle Stop Restaurant that included steak and eggs, home fries, three sodas and a cup of ice cream, my new friends Jan and Chip continued hiking on. I waited a few hours for Bob to be dropped off to begin our hike. It was about 5 PM and heavy rains were forcast so we roughed it up in a local hotel for the night. 

Early next morning we started at the suspension bridge just outside of Rutland VT. 

Long hard hike about 9-10 miles up to the summit of Killington. Did some steam fishing on the way up. Finally arrived around 5 just before a brief thunderstorm. Quickly pitched our tents followed by dinner in the adjacent shelter. 

Early next morning we hiked the final 200 yards up to the summit. Nice views all around. 

Then started hiking down. All day… Along the way, just outside of Killington VT, the trail branches off. The Vermont Long Trail continues northward to Canada and the AT veers off to the east towards NH and the white Mountains. 

reached VT state Park late afternoon. Hiked into town to local deli for dinner. 

After dinner some more fishing 

Next morning started off with more of the same… Fishing along the way. Had lunch at a shelter just before it started to pour. 

Need day was a mostly downhill walk back to the Bob’s car near Woodstock VT 

Along the way we stopped for lunch at a Tower Cabin.  Look at the tower on top that we were able to climb up. 

. Bob had some usual hiker blisters and achy knee by the last day, but did an awesome job keeping up with his “semi pro” hiker father. 

Taking a very brief 2 day detour to Cooperstown for the 4th of July but will be back on trail early next week to begin hiking the Whites in New Hampshire.