298 Miles


We left the Laughing Heart Hostel the next morning for some uphill climbs to higher elevations (and better views). Rainy, foggy with limited views on a noon climb to Big Bald:



Now one week into my hike with Jan, we felt we deserved a break and found just what we needed: A stay a hiker hostel Cantarosso Farm and Apiary. This was a great place to relax for the afternoon and spend a comfortable night in a cabin with shower, hot water and a chance to wash our clothes. I bought a small cache of local honey to take with me, which was a great addition to peanut butter spread on my lunch wraps.


Nice views skirting the NC/TN border high up along the hills for the next day or so:

We tented most nights and frankly I slept better on my air mattress in my Big Agnes tent than in a hostel bunk bed. Having said that, a gastronomic highlight awaited us at Mountain Harbour B&B. How can you beat a food truck on site ( smoked ribs ) followed by one of the best breakfast buffets the next morning. Good thing we were also doing some hard hiking to burn off all those calories:

Hikers also need to cool off in the local stream:20190523_131732

We were aiming for 15 mile days for the rest of the hike and we were successful at reaching our goal for Damascus VA:


Chip met us in Damascus to celebrate the end of our hike. Jan and Chip headed back to West Virginia and I had a 10 hour rental car ride back to Cooperstown the next morning.

This completes one of the major sections remaining for my AT Adventure.

298 Trail Miles hiked on this section.

Next near final section will be an 80 mile  hike in the mountains of Southern Maine this August with my hiking buddy John R.

As my hike nears completion, I have been thinking more and more about how the experience has effected me in many ways. I look forward to sharing those thoughts with you soon!


  1. Ken B. · June 5, 2019

    Mike – Congrats on your latest challenge! Keep on trekking!! All the best – Ken.


  2. Martha Clarvoe · June 5, 2019

    Great to hear of your adventures! Glad your home cooking for Stephanie! Martha

    When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.John Muir


  3. Alicia Wiswell · June 5, 2019

    Looks great!


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