Appalachian Trail Adventure: Part II 2017

When we last left the trail, it was early November 2016. Getting colder and colder in southern Virginia. Decided to take a winter detour back to Cooperstown. Still have a little less than 1000 miles of hiking to do to “complete” the entire 2190 miles of the AT. It was cold in Cooperstown this winter:20170314_141704.jpg

Did manage to see some warm weather this winter: Great vacation with friends at the Grand Canyon. Not quite the AT, but something to behold:

First order of AT business this year was to “clean up” some the miles I had to skip on the northern section last year:

Small stretch of the trail in early spring from Dalton to Cheshire MA… a pleasant day hike with Henry and cousin Dan.

Next was a Memorial Day hike up to Vermont – New Hampshire border where Henry and I hiked three days/two nights on the AT. A nice way to start some overnights for the new season. Note the first “trail magic” of this year’s AT hike.


A few weeks later John and I hiked a stretch of the AT from Woodstock VT to Great Barrington MA. My legs are getting into better hiking shape by now.


Its now July and Stephanie and I took a one week hiking diversion to the following scenery:

Glacier National Park in Montana is awesome.

My hiking buddy Bill, aka “Adventure” is driving up to Cooperstown today from Virginia. We plan on driving to Gorham NH on Monday for a 3-4 week hike in the AT mountains of southern Maine. Hope to keep you posted with further pics. We are looking forward to the adventure.