Day 11…still strong

Just finished 11th day on the trail, just shy of 100 miles. Still only about 2000 more. Trying to convince myself that the uphills are getting a little bit easier. They say it takes 4-6 weeks to get your hiker legs. We’ll see. Pennsylvania is truly a walk in the woods, but when you get up high in the hills it gets VERY ROCKY.
Meeting lots of new people every day. Trail is a slice of humanity. Young(mainly), and old (like me), couples, single hikers, occasional doctor. Seems like people often find small groups of like minded hikers to spend time with for extended periods. This past week I’ve been hiking and camping with two guys my age. One, a retired air traffic controller and the other a professional forester. Both have extensive hiking experience which is good for me.
I’m starting this hike with a similar group of “flip floppers”.  This means we are starting in the middle, headed to Maine, then coming back to the middle and heading south to Georgia. Flipp floppers usually start around this time of the year. The vast majority of hikers started back in Georgia in February and March. That big bubble of hikers will soon be catching up to us and passing us.
Thanks for everybody reading this blog. Always nice to hear comments and encouragement.


This spot is technically the exact middle of the At


Hiking through a tunnel of rodadendron trees


About quarter mile of hiking through a stretch called the “rock maze” up, down and through huge boulder field


Cheeseburger :I’m not starving!


Had to be sleep here



have Couldn’t sleep here


Still not starving


Hike through a big cornfield today


Tents drying out after a rainy night

Bye for now..


  1. daN baueR · May 12, 2016

    Just commented but had some pwd/login issues. So please forgive me if I’m repeating myself. I’m very impressed and happy to hear you’re continuing on your adventure. Your legs will come around just remember to take some rest days. I hear that your muscles only actually develop and recover during the periods between your workouts. Have you got your gear all sorted out? Anything you’ve decided not to carry anymore or is there something you’d rather swap out or add? Do you have your trail name yet?
    Happy Trails


  2. Margaret Fitzgerald · May 12, 2016

    “A slice of humanity” Love it! Great photos.


  3. Tom Breiten · May 12, 2016

    Keep up the good work, Grasshopper. Only 189 days to go. I’ll bring a plant ID book when I see you next. Those Magnolias look a lot like Rhododendrons from here! 🙂 Have fun, stay dry.


  4. Jane Waldman · May 12, 2016

    Looking good Mike!


  5. aridbags · May 12, 2016

    Don’t send us anymore referrals out of that “snoring” cabin. We have enough 😉


  6. Ken B. · May 12, 2016

    Mike – Looking REAL good!!!! I didn’t know that McDonald’s & Carvel deliver along the trail!! With all those calories & carbs, you’ll be putting on the pounds as your feet pound the trail!! All the best & stay well – Ken.


  7. dave kiehm · May 12, 2016

    Great report!! You are looking strong. What’s a mere 2000 miles left to go. Hope you are enjoying the experience….Catching fish on the Delaware!! dave


    • Mike Bauer · May 13, 2016

      Passing a few nice trout streams here in PA
      Wish I had my fly rod.


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